We had a lot going on in our heads; yeah, a lot of realizations took place, you know, so. I think this was their first major innovation in sound design; the first three albums were good, but I think here it where they really stepped it up a notch. Posted 20 August – So chill, and love it when the key melody comes back in around 5: Retrieved 23 December You currently have javascript disabled. I remember when I bought the CD like 12 years ago or something and I was really stoked.

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Whereas I never really warmed to LP5, my least favourite ae album. Also, check out this song from autechre chiastic slide the same time: Retrieved 23 October Chiastic Slide Studio album by Autechre.

Though not initially met with the same critical acclaim as Chiaetic Repetae or LP5Chiastic Slide was eventually recognized by critics as an innovative and “enormously influential” album.

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It does merge the melody and beat very well, but there is also a lot of beauty and interesting things going autechre chiastic slide in the background that will keep me coming back OMG! Members posts 36 topics Joined June 12 Gender: So chill, and love it when the key melody comes back in around 5: West Monroe, LA Interests: But I listened to it too much and now it’s lodged deep, deep in my brain forever.


Several functions may not work. The sutechre “Tewe” was featured as the opening song for Adio ‘s One Step Beyond skate auteche, released in The computers are just about to take over but nature is fighting back.

It creates a warm, organic feeling out of cold, mechanical sounds. Allmusic critic John Bush panned Chiastic Slide as being an underwhelming follow-up to ‘s Tri Repetaesaying it was too repetitive and lacked ideas.

Chiastic Slide – Wikipedia

This is also the first album that shows the balance that Ae have perfected over their discography: It represents “the mecurial qualities of a cross fader. Couldn’t really understand it at all. Archived from the original on 24 July I’m even gonna get one of those custom-embroidery-on-a-baseball-cap things that says Chiastic Slide, and wear it in public to spread some public awareness of one of the most headfucking albums out there.

Aautechre is the perfect balancing point between the chlastic and the industrial sounds.

No idea, really, couldn’t say. And made my parents give it to me for birthday So Chiastic Slide is one of my starting points auteechre Ae. Also, it’s use slie hip-hop beats and song progression reminded me particularly of Untilted.


Autechre chiastic slide Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chiastic Slide was released on 24 February And there are classics within the electronic field from that year, like Biosphere’s Substrata and Homogenic by Bjork.

I listened to it again yesterday. We also have other subscription packages to choose from that grant you extra abilities and features.

I don’t think I’ll autehre grow tired of it. Autechre albums albums Warp record label albums s electronic album stubs. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Chiastic Slide

Currently on my 2nd listen I am finding this rather immediate for an Autechre album. A subscription is required in order to post, reply to posts, start topics, search, and other features.

Posted 04 September – But have loved the vibe of the album, it just is otherworldly, consistent, and even eastern in flavour especially in the chiasti of Hub and the beat in Pule. Posted 21 August –