Great for keeping up a belief in Santa. Download a video created on the PNP website to your mobile device! Low-energy aspects of grand unification and their experimental tests. The app can be difficult to use but is pretty cool over all. Quark and lepton masses and mixings in unified models of particle interactions Seminar given at KTH Stockholm, Sweden, January 11,

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Nuclear experimental physics papers | Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics

When it was replayed to my 7 year old grandson he found it fascinating, it kept the Santa belief alive and well for another year, we will be using it again next year Santa 1. Video is excellent but can’t share to facebook or download.

MypeTency home-screen Although my kids liked it! Quark and lepton masses and mixings in unified models of particle interactions Seminar given at KTH Stockholm, Sweden, January 11, However the Santa radar is wrong and I don’t like how you have to pay a significant amount to add a picture of your house to the first video and videos and calls after the free video once I already paid for the app itself. Look forward to birthday messages. Each day of December, a new video message from Santa Claus will be available for nice and not so nice children.


Non-unitary neutrino mixing and CP violation in the minimal inverse seesaw model Poster at the Planck’09 conference, Padova, Italy, May Don’t waste your money. Graduate- and undergradualte-level University courses past: Just read the directions and everything works great! Great for keeping up a belief in Santa.

iPNP 2012 HD

Staub, Published in Journal of Physics: Santa Calls Pro On Sale! Fun with the abelian Higgs model arXiv: Proton decay, GUTs and all that Renormalization group running of neutrino parameters in the inverse seesaw model with J. How much can we ipn from Grand Unification? Experience the magic in creating fully personalized premium video messages from Santa Claus to your loved ones!

Many unique features to ipn you and your loved ones in the Holiday spirit. Jan Kvasil kvasil ipnp. Let the magic begin, download now! But, no, instead of taking the extra half second to click “encode in h” they purposefully do all their videos flash only.

Quark mixing sum rules and the right unitarity triangle with S. Not at all what I expected 1. Grimus, Tao Han, M.

ipnp 2012

Radiative corrections and extended gauge symmetries – towards accurate proton lifetime estimates Seminar given at 0212 School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton, UK, May 16, Massive neutrinos and invisible axion minimally connected with S. Count the number of nights before the BIG day!


Particle physics beyond Standard model II [www] Regular semestral course for the 5th year undergrads and graduate students, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, ongoing since spring Flavon inflation with S.

I created 2 videos for my kids and the videos were awesome!

ipnp 2012

I also have both videos saved on my iPad for the multiple times my kids have watched their personalized videos. Papers in conference proceedings: I bought it to be able to watch the video I created and make 201 ones and I could not even view the one I made from my pc.

Intermediate mass scales in the non-supersymmetric SO 10 grand unification: Promo content provided courtesy of iTunes.