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Rafa and Nilda break up before the tragedy.  But Yunior still sees Nilda around and watches as she makes some really bad choices and her life goes slowly downhill.  But Yunior never really leaves her side until the surprising, but very realistic ending.

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(Of course, of all the things Gaddis could have picked for Donny, I suppose he chose the wires thing for his theme of mechanisation of arts and robotization of humans.)

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Bast comes back to the place and there 8767 s no one there.  Then the vdieophone rings, and it 8767 s JR (of course).  He signed up Bast for a Dale Carnegie course.  Turns out the Bible Breakfast guy wha Mooneyham who saw a naked Rhoda.  Mooneyham went to the bible breakfast to seek solace (because JR said he 8767 s buying the business).  And then he went for  a few drinks.  There 8767 s lots of stuff in here, like that X-L Lithography prints matchbook covers and two hundred thousand dollars cash to Eagle Mills and that Piscator has gone to Jamaica to incorporate JRs company.

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By the by, just after that we have a TV insert of Amy teaching her class, and her entire sentence about poor Nanook ( 8775 the Eskimo, who is no longer segregated in the wilderness, but encouraged to take his rightful place at the side of his American countrymen in the cities, in the factories, on the farm 8776 ) is almost the same she had about 8775 the American Indian, who is no longer segregated on the reservation, but encouraged to take his rightful place at the side of his countrymen, in the cities, in the factories, on the farm 8776 way back page 85 during the Foundation people 8767 s visit. (I suppose she 8767 s just reading them both from her official-program book.)

Hyde has also been released and is in the office (they are talking to Stye about stolen property from the school).  Hyde talks to Stye and tries to disentangle the confusion of having his own car stolen and then getting hit by said stolen car while driving in somebody else 8767 s car.  There 8767 s an awkward discussion about race (Stye is black) as Hyde tries to describe the thief without saying they are black.  And then, the phone falls and Hyde things he 8767 s been hung up on.

Someone [Moonyham] knock on the door to see if Bast wants to go to a Bible breakfast, but he sees Rhoda [and the phone man who is black see Simon 8767 s comments] and assumes he has the wrong address.

Norman also says that if it weren 8767 t for Stella he and Gibbs could have accomplished something together.  Coen leaves and Norman says he 8767 d like to get a word with Terry.  Myrna has died her hair black.  Myrna and Terry see Norma going out of the office, running, chasing somebody.  Myrna and Terry are on the subway (there is some groping from Hispanics).  They get off of the car and Bast is standing on the platform. Someone calls him but he can 8767 t tell who it is.  [As Simon points out below, and I thought might have been the case there is a narrative transition between these two scenes].  A girl runs up to him and he sort of recognizes her as Rhoda, the girl who was with Schramm.

one of the old men had to go to the hospital [ ] JR is panicked, until he hears that they both signed the papers, then he doesn’t care about the old men anymore.

 This story doesn 8767 t have the same kind of humor that Diaz 8767 older stories posses.  Indeed, many of his more recent stories seems sadder, more world-weary.  Nevertheless, his writing is as strong as ever and his characters are fully realized.

The next whole section is then set in Grynzspan 8767 s apartment and it is a very funny sequence of flooding water, crazy sex (in another room), telephones, and food.

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