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Manna (Michelle Yim) owns a restaurant in London. She becomes close friends with Sam after she is there to physically support him when he needed someone 8767 s comfort. She is extremely supportive of Holiday. She is more than glad to find out that Holiday is dating Sam. She promises BJ (K. K. Cheung) to travel around the world together.

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Master of Science by Research in Animal Movement Science/Meistr mewn Gwyddoniaeth drwy Ymchwil mewn Gwyddor Symudedd Anifeiliaid

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Bachelor of Science in Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology/Baglor mewn Gwyddoniaeth mewn Ffiseg gyda Ffiseg Ronynnau a Chosmoleg

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8775 That year, my brother went to join the air force. I sat next to the door and waited for him. That wait was more than 65 years. He never came back. I don 8767 t know why I fell in love with fixing airplanes. This is the men 8767 s world having to carry heavy items, prone to injury and getting dirty. But because I am a girl, if others need 65 points, I need 67 points for full score. But, later, I finally realized why I am so in love with fixing airplanes. It 8767 s because I feel that if I can take care of planes, I am taking care of my brother. I regret talking to him again because I don 8767 t want to lose him again! 8776

Bachelor of Arts in German and Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Baglor yn y Celfyddydau mewn Almaeneg a Dysgu Saesneg fel Iaith Dramor

Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History and Medieval Studies/Baglor yn y Celfyddydau mewn Hanes yr Henfyd ac Astudiaethau’r Oesoedd Canol

8775 It 8767 s too late. We already missed the good timing. I thought I really understood you and liked you before. But it turns out it 8767 s all my thoughts. When you like me, you want me, but when you don 8767 t, you push me to others. I completely have no idea what you are thinking. You treat me like a doll, easily giving me to someone else. But, I am a human. I have emotions. I have feelings. Yes, let 8767 s have another chance and be friends. 8776

But she realizes the person who she thought was Kenji is someone else. Kenji only went to the monastery to eat vegetarian food.

-Holiday (Fala Chan had intentionally wanted to borrow some study books from Issac (Ron Ng). But because Issac wasn 8767 t home, Sam (Francis Ng) told her to just walk in. In Issac 8767 s room, Holiday discovers the portrait that is a combination of Zoe and Summer (Myolie Wu). Although most people were not able to decide who was the person in the portrait, Holiday said it is obviously Summer, because it would be creepy for Issac to have a portrait of his sister-in-law in his room. This enforces Sam to talk it through with Summer, meaning he is finally able to put her down.

Master of Science in Environmental Biology: Conservation and Resource Management/Meistr mewn Gwyddoniaeth mewn Bioleg Amgylcheddol: Cadwraeth a Rheoli Adnoddau

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