An enrollment agent uses this feature to enroll for a certificate on behalf of another user. To check for more recent editions of this. August 23, Product Description ProtectDrive 9. API is compatible with international. As the pinpad reader is not part of this tunnel is not part of the secure messaging , you will get an error when entering the non-encrypted PIN on the pinpad. Note Network Level Authentication is an authentication method that can be used to enhance RD Session Host server security by requiring that the user be authenticated to the RD Session Host server before a session is created.

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In that case, no Credential Provider will show up. Start display at page:. Before, a Cryptographic Service Safedign was required to support non-smart card specific operations such as padding and hashingbut with the CNG, the key provider only needs to support operations related to keys and cannot be run without a smartcard. To szfesign for more recent editions of this. Some of the message strings in the Token Utility for example when wiping a token were incomplete truncated and not entirely readable.

When the maximum length saresign exceeded, a red cross will appear instead safesign standard the green OK icon. It is not possible to set saefsign safesign standard VPN connection on Windows 8. Can I have two smart card logon certificates on one token?

In that case, the InstallShield Wizard drop-down box will default to Croatian. The PKCS 11 Library will now not only provide a list of physical readers attached to the system, but it will also provide a list of virtual reader slots which can be filled with additional readers safesign standard they become present on the system.



To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. This document is our sincere effort to put in some regular issues faced safesiyn a Digital Signature and USB Token user doing on More information.

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The bit installer adds values to the registry under the following node: This does not affect their use: This lead to such issues safesing users not being able to log safesign standard with their smart card anymore or users not being able to use their atandard card within a remote session.

Downloading and Mass Deploying Applications Downloading and Mass Deploying Applications Use of this product requires additional applications that must be downloaded to your users’ computers. Support Team at Note that support depends on a separate maintenance and support agreement with either AET directly ; or with your supplier. These are divided into three categories: The reason for this is that when secure messaging is enabled, secure messaging encrypts the tunnel between the safesign standard and the software when PIN actions are required.

AET makes this possible by creating the perfect technological solution in user identification, authentication and authorization: Though it will install on bit Operating Systems, it will not work shandard either bit or bit applications.


If you have problems safesign standard your listed token, please contact AET Support. If an application without icon is using SafeSign Identity Client, there will be savesign icon. Date Revision Description June V1. All attempts have been made to make the information in this document complete More information.

From Windows Vista onwards, Microsoft supports safesign standard logon certificates and containers on one token. This has been fixed. You are required to obtain the appropriate government licenses prior to shipping this Product. sandard

SafeSign Identity Client Standard. Release Notes for Windows – PDF

Please contact first your local supplier for a solution possibly a newer version of SafeSign Identity Client. The Token Safesign standard displays Unknown token: As a result of this, it standsrd be communicated to the end user which code an end user must enter during initialisation.

We are also determined to make this access easy and secure.

In practice, this means that for example when using Outlook to send signed messages or using Adobe Reader to sign a document, stanxard will be asked to enter your PIN again when the maximum amount of time has passed since the last time you logged in to the safesign standard. It is available for.

This has been fixed in SafeSign Identity Client version.