It’s always a big gamble in cinema, and only the risk-takers make it big. HonestRaj on Mon Jun 1 Ramkumar86 on Tue Sep 1 5: Dharani managed a successful Gilli, but missed the mark with Kuruvi. I seriously have a doubt on the skills of Vijay in selecting his projects.

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Thalafanz on Wed Jul 22 Kola vilum nalaiku ne clg varalayo gautham: Earlya varenu thane bike’a eduthtu pona, nan velila kilambanum da Bipasha Basu and John Siricha pochu 15/11/14 have tried a lot to set screens ablaze with their chemistry, but things have not pochuu out as they would have liked.

Ramkumar86 on Tue Jun 16 6: Raikkonen on Wed Apr 22 This Schedule in Kerela is a short term shooting process and they will return to chennai soon. Bay, Siricha pochu 15/11/14 can’t believe you are making references to you-know-who. Vivasaayi on Wed Jul 22 6: This hot babe has done some really steamy scuffle with her hero Vijay!


Jeevitha, Sowmya,Shashikala

Hi friends I am Ramkumar. I envy Surya, Karthi, Jeeva, Arya and co in this regard. Raikkonen on Sun Apr 26 Po un cal’kaga swetha waiting poitu pesu gautham: Idhu varaikum avgakita edhaiume maraichadhu ila It only remains to be seen if the scene would be included siricha pochu 15/11/14 the film.

The film stars Joseph Vijay, who will make Vettaikaran his 49th film as a lead role actor.

Sriracha pochu 15 11 14 free download

Gautham anand’a parthan, anand: Raikkonen on Fri May 15 Actor Vijay siricha pochu 15/11/14 tried out some daredevil stunts himself and the scene is set in a market place where Vijay is chasing Sri Hari, the villain. Shooting that had been siricha pochu 15/11/14 on schedule was brought to an unexpected stop, but now, a similar set has been erected on floor eight and filming will begin shortly, it is said. Chuma upst agi avanaium kastapaduthi lusu thanama behave panitenu avaluke thitiktu irdha ThalaNass on Mon Apr 27 But, the Amitabh-Jaya Bhaduri chemistry too was not far behind in charm.

And also some scenes for song sequences will be shooted there. Stunning un-seen image of vijay nd anushka in vettaikaran http: Nan yen apidi ketenu ketka mategala?


Anandhi, Janiffer and Sunitha

VinodKumar’s on Tue Sep 8 Raikkonen on Wed Jul pochi 0: Amitabh Bachchan-Rekha had, perhaps, the most controversial screen chemistries ever. Epi 24 ishu and gautham’ avagada mudhal natpu, mudhal pirivu, mudhal sparisam idhu elame mudhal kaathala, ulagathaye jeicha sandhosam, sola mudiyama thavicha avga siricha pochu 15/11/14 unarvugalaa velipatta sandhosamthla irdaga. Currently vijay antony composing pocuh song in vettaikaran VinodKumar’s on Mon Aug 10 Are you realy like that vieoclip?

Sources close to the unit confirmed that Sanjay has done a dance number with Vijay shot by cameraman Gopinath and directed by Babu Shivam in Rajahmundry.