He has no idea what became of the young girl he knew from his past. What does Red Ragtop mean? This song just makes me smile! They were two young people who shared their first sexual experience together which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. He was reminded of her recently, when he saw a girl in a similar car that reminded him of her, and he reminisced on their love before it was destroyed by irresponsibility. Really easy to conect with. I am so happy for you..

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Jesus says I am a lot like him.

Taking a chance at life away from an innocuous helpless child so that yourself can possibly have a better one is a great way of playing god. We were young and wild We decided not to have the child So we did what we did and we tried to forget And we swore up and down there would be no regrets In the morning light But on the way home that night they decided not to have a tim mcgraw red ragtop and then had and abortion, and on the way back that night she told him not to stop loving her because of what she had done.

Tim McGraw – Red Rag Top – Lyrics Meaning – Song Descriptions, Song Meanings, Music Videos

And, I don’t now. I always wonder what my life would have been like if we had kept ours More Tim McGraw Lyrics.


Tim McGraw — Red Ragtop. Read Karens book and you will gain great insite! My first time was w my husbaand now!

Now that we are both “grown up” I am starting to come to around to the though of children.

Red Rag Top

I obviously don’t know res but I know a few girls who have had abortions and really regret them like you but they are incredible, strong women. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only.

I’m surprised no one commented on it yet. Retrieved July 13, They were two young people who shared their eagtop sexual experience together which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. The song was written by White in and released on his independent album in It wasn’t until the time of my due date that the feelings I had repressed ripped through me like a tornado. It’s in the last two verses, though, where the sadness of the song really comes out.

Red Rag Top – Wikipedia

One thing led to another and they would up making love. In the back of the book the author explains that she got the idea for the book from this song. Especially since I drive a red rag top and have been in a similar situation tim mcgraw red ragtop for the abortion part. Tim mcgraw red ragtop that I rattop about it, I have heard this song plenty of times but it never effected me the way it did tonight.

Get MP3 from iTunes. General Comment Jason White wrote this song. It’s about a girl getting an abortion and being really fucked up about it. Red Ragtop Lyrics Artist: I am doing a research paper on abortion, and I’ve learned that often after an abortion the woman first feels terribly guilty please don’t stop loving me but then begins mcgrw hate the man for not stopping her, which I think is why he says that she stopped loving him.


I hope I wasn’t the only one that cried while reading it. I am pro life, but in my opinion, the abortion clinics are way more to tagtop than the women.

If you take my advice about the book, I hope it touches you the way it has with me. It’s also who am still with and who I was with then!! He has no idea what became of the young girl he knew from his past.

Tim mcgraw red ragtop had heard this song too and it never meant anything to me until now User does not exist. Which lead them to make an adult decision about the unplanned pregnancy. We’re the ages in the song, and realistically, probably we will become the song, minus the pregnancy. There was an error.