Added scheduled delivery option. VentaFax is accessible from any Windows application, via a virtual printer driver. In an auto-answer mode, if no new messages were received, VentaFax will answer not on the ring specified in program settings, but two rings later. Safety rating in the left lower corner. Pros The program does what it is supposed to do Cons The worst and the rudest customer service one can imagine.

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You can now use an application panel instead of an application tree View – Application bar in the pull-down menu. Ventafax 5.7 Metadata Changer 2. Fixed a bug that resulted in an incorrect operation of the Tall Saver mode. Therefore, you will be able to automatically assign allowed lines for each scheduled task.

Send Fax Using Virtual Modem

On the first launch you will be automatically asked to specify modem which will be used to send faxes. In the past, users accustomed to hearing ventafa sounds when working with regular telephony or the G. Fixed ventafax 5.7 bug in the implementation of the T.

Activate the Uninstall Programs tool 5.

Venta Fax & Voice (remove/restore) version by Venta Association – How to uninstall it

Now the header can also be used for faxes transmitted by e-mail. Now it is possible to filter the Log Book reports by type of call as well. In the Home version, notifications are sent of every message received. German interface localization files included in the installation archive. Detected modem automatically, was able to turned on features based on modem ventafax 5.7.


Here are some detailed instructions about how to do this: Great options, easy to follow user interface. The software will now prevent the computer from entering the stand-by or hibernation mode if fax delivery ventafax 5.7 enabled and there are uncompleted tasks in the schedule. He is rude, and condescending. This feature works with regular phone number dialing and with message transmission, including scheduled delivery.

The reinstalls did not fix the problem. Following the install I discovered that my modem was not “voice capable” It is written by Venta Association. Licenses The complete list of licenses governing the use or redistribution of our products. Please note that we use the bit version of the platform for the bit family of Windows ventafax 5.7 systems. The program can now automatically check for updates.

The snoop mode connection to the telephone line without going off hook, supported by certain modems only allows ventafax 5.7 conversation vntafax and identification of phone numbers dialed on telephone extensions. Added support of V. Now you can see the ACT!


This ventafax 5.7 the call to be terminated. Excel Metadata Changer is ventafas utility ventafsx will help you to view and change the Microsoft Office Excel document file properties such as creater,last In order to send faxes between two PCs using virtual modems you must install and set up Virtual Modem PRO and any fax application on both computers.

The Message Manager now allows deletion of selected pages in multipage documents. It sends and receives faxes and turns your PC with a fax modem into a versatile answering machine with remote ventafax 5.7 and email integration. The Scheduler now allows you to export task states while exporting selections. If not sure, please, consult your Internet provider or system administrator. Vventafax Don’t care for it Cons Not real easy to configure when you setup and is over priced Summary I bought the 2 line business around The program remembers its last state.

I had to reinstall my computer and redownloaded the program.