But many displays nowadays use a 96 dpi resolution and in that case there needs to be some adjustment for the difference between the reference 80 dpi and the 96 or whatever display dpi. Horizontal and vertical centering delivered wrong results when objects had been selected via shift-select. The fonts are only required for Windows. The file format and rendering are as close to Xfig as possible, but the program takes advantage of Windows features like clipboard, printer preview, multiple documents etc. Setting the background color for exported files did not work. Supports the Xfig file version 3.

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Program crashed when winfig the following: These were sometimes truncated at their right end. Writing in red in latex. Using Qt winfig the application framework. There is only the manual of fig2dev and this faq. However, WinFIG does not put too much emphasis on visual appeal.

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It happened when that Polyline had consecutive Points with identical coordinates. Existing installations are not affected, because the default is only used upon the very first start.


If that option is checked, WinFIG will also automatically add the -F option to the export parameters for fig2dev on winfig. This prevents setting the line width to windig. The keyfile will continue to work with these installations after that period, but for further updates you have to renew your license winfig a reduced fare EUR 15 einfig USD You winfig make the file executable in order to run it.


Of course, that caused problems to people, who installed Qt in a different location.


winfig The program crashed after adding an object, then undo, then edit any attributes. Exporting files is now possible on Mac too. Path parameters that were supplied to fig2dev did not allow blanks.

This should help people, who want to provide their own output driver or compile the code with specific options. EMF export via fig2dev is now working. This allows using them without changing between commands, i.

How can I change object attributes like line width, color etc? Winfig for centering text labels in boxes added PSTricks property page to the export dialog Bug fixes: Example winfig default in template.

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The default value is going to be in the original path. A minimal LaTeX file could like like this:. That version is still in beta state and probably still needs some testing and bug fixing, so use 5. How can I export to PDF, but crop the wifnig to the content? The program winfig crash when editing object or figure comments. Input can be in cm, in, at display coordinates usually 96 dpi or FIG coordinates dpi. It was only possible using some workaround. New figure properties dialog. Is there more winfig I was not satisfied with the way the snap-to-grid was working when moving objects while the magnet is activated.


Or you can scale only WinFIG up by setting a scale winfig in an environment variable.

The result will be the PDF document containing all the graphical elements of the drawing as well as the LaTeX formatted texts. Libraries You can winfig a symbol library as part of the Xfig source package at the xfig. Even though it follows winfig days after wiinfig previous release, I think the issues solved are important enough to release this followup immediately.