About us Disclaimer Privacy policy Contact us Sitemap. Does Vada Chennai manage to win the audience heart? Log into your account. Aadhi kills one of Chitra’s brother’s friend and lands in jail. Surya , first cast Prashanth in this movie but Prashanth rejected the movie.

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Suryadialogke cast Prashanth in this movie but Prashanth rejected the movie. The motivational icon for many southern youth dhena celebrities. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Dheena promises and she dies. Later some people complain to Aadhi that the MLA had removed the breakwire from a schoolvan due to rivalry between his school and their school leading to the death of many children. Works of AR Murugadoss. Malarvannan creates confusion by sending half of his men in the outfit of auto drivers and remaining in outfit of Aadhi’s men. This is because Siva would have taken a calculated risk of being held in police lockup for a simple bet.

Retrieved 7 June Ajith dheena dialogue film received a positive review from The Hinduwith the critic stating that the “acts of the hero does appeal or impress the audience because his bloody adventures in the film are justifiable” labelling ajith dheena dialogue film as a mass entertainer.


But Aadhi could not believe this and misunderstands Dialogud was refusing since he loved the boy’s sister Chitra. Meanwhile, the same person who teased Shanthi gave a love letter to her and Dheena beats him up and comes to know that the persons sister was Chitra.

36 Mass Ajith Dialogues That Can Ignite Vibrant Motivation in You

About us Disclaimer Privacy policy Contact us Sitemap. The soundtrack was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and released on 23 December When ajith dheena dialogue person dies, people see only the body rest and decay, but the fact is, if the person dies without achieving anything, his dreams, ambition, thoughts everything vanishes and buried in the earth along with his body.

Aadhi swears that he will kill Dhenea also sjith declares he is not his brother anymore. The songs proved to be very successful upon release and established him slowly in the Tamil film industry. Is it when the world needs you ajith dheena dialogue when you need the world? But Aadhi sends Dheenadhayalan aka Dheena Ajith Kumar who is actually his adopted brother to attack the false evidence. Retrieved 5 March The forces, wars, kingdoms, dynasties everything taught if a person who is a king need it, he has to fight with all his belongings to take it.

The next day he meets Chitra at the plaza and tells him he should have beaten the rowdies as she likes violence.


Where do you project yourself being first among all? Comment your ajith dheena dialogue here. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat On a positive note, this Ajith Billa dialogue teaches about fighting for your ambition. Well, earn some true people around you. Dheena finds this and goes to warn Aadhi but is unaware that one of the Malarvannan’s men had stabbed Chitra. If you watch Ajith Dyeena movies, there would be at least one intense dialogue that could twirl into your mind.

Dheena Mass Dialogue [Rip by Sathiz] by Sathish Selvaraj | Free Listening on SoundCloud

You missed these two, my favorites in Vivegam 1. Meanwhile, Aadhi comes to ajifh about Shanthi’s love from her college friends. Aadhi kills one of Chitra’s brother’s friend and lands in jail.

Be exceptionally unique to break the benchmark. Will you be all alone until the end?

The film’s director A.