In addition, Autograss provides you with mapping and variation to produce special effects like worn-out trails and lawnmower paths. Labels 3ds Max Autograss V-Ray. Rename this material “mirror surface” and make it totally reflective, by making the reflect color swatch totall…. See the following pages for more information:. Autograss by Happy Digital – plugin for 3ds Max and V-Ray , that enables easy and quick photorealistic grass creation.

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It Significantly cleanses the geometry of the model there by reducing the time spent to repair your model. To create grass you need only to pick a surface and click Autograss. And it’s fully multi-threaded, so all your cores are driven fog their full potential. The organization system allows the to keep references to same folder in different catalogs. No matter which type of character setup you wish to use: We will then create the V-Ray materials for this mirror, and finally we will render out a simple 3d scene, showing reflections in the mirror.

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SolidRocks pougin an Autodesk 3ds max plugin which automates the complex process of rendering setup. Don’t spend anymore time. A t tachments 2 Unused Attachments Page History.

See the following pages for more information:. It looks pretty sweet to me, especially the feature that autofrass you to manage the RAM usage of your PC. VRayScatter plugin for 3ds max and VRay updated to version 2. With VRayScatter user is able to create huge forest areas or even a city with uncountable amount of buildings in two clicks. V-Ray for Maya enables the rendering of even larger scenes with greater complexity and artists can rely on a faster rendering process.


Welcome to this tutorial on making a wireframe material with V-Ray. No crashes, no nonsense. No crashes, no nonsense.

You can create huge forest areas, cities and much more. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

Almost all parameters of T-Gen are animatable, so you can create animations of growing trees and plants. A plugin that helps you create spectacular effects such as fire or smoke. Rendering in ActiveShade viewport. You’ve got photorealistic grass that renders in V-Ray for 3ds Max. Step 2 Create a normal V-Ray material.

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And it has never been easier to exchange and use multiple natural colors from photos before. These models, which typically consist of a few hundred phototextured polygons, are well-suited for use in online gaming and web-based applications such as Google Earth. It will includes shaders like: Indigo Render Standalone WiN64 3. It has been used in films like Lord of the Rings 3, Lost, Ice age 2 and many more well known productions.


If you are like me and always feel the need to tweak everything that you can control, than SolidRocks is probably not an option. Claim or contact us about this channel.

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With powerful optimization tools you autograss plugin for 3ds max 2009 create low-poly trees and plants pluhin your games. That means Autograss uses only a fixed amount of RAM no matter how much grass is in the scene, whether it’s a one-acre lawn or an entire golf course.

This is most probably the best tool for creating dynamic fluids and soft bodies. Step 1 The fist thing we need to do is create an object that we will apply our wireframe material to, in my case I made a simple teapot. In some cases, V-Ray interacts with 3ds Max features or plug-ins in ways that differ from the usual.