We can use this method to create a complete outline, with node rows, outline tree, and subtotals: The code below shows how you can use the Subtotal method to accomplish the same thing we did before, only a little faster and without using any helper methods: In this example, we’ll add totals for the Quantity and Cost columns. The outline tree can be displayed in any column, defined by the Tree. To show the outline tree in the example given above, use this code:. When the column order changes, the sample automatically re-sorts the data and re-creates the outline. Let me know what happens.

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With bound mode active you wouldn’t have seen such an issue.

Setting this property to -1 causes the outline tree to be hidden from the users. Option 2 is usually more interesting since it provides a quick and simple tool for dynamic data analysis. There are two common ways to c1flexgrid the outlines: The parameters are the type of aggregate to insert and the c1flexgrid to group by and total on.

This is the high-level way of inserting totals and building outlines. The C1flexgrid method listed below shows how to do this: In this case, the aggType parameter is set to AggregateEnum.

Step 1 of 6: Create the C1FlexGrid Control for the Edit Tutorial

If you created the outline tree using the Rows. One of the unique and popular features of the FlexGrid for WinForms control is the ability to add hierarchical grouping to regular unstructured data.


Use this code in that case: If the outline tree is not visible, then nodes can only be expanded or collapsed using code. The c1flexgrid way I could figure out to make this happen, was to sort the DataView itself, when user clicks c1flexgrid RowHeader. If the grid is unbound, it owns all the data that is displayed, and you do things that are not c1flexgrid when a data source owns the data.

All rows under a given city node have the same country and city:. When a node row of the desired level is found, the method uses the Node. Then only, you can access the values later with GetCellCheck. If you create c1flexgrid outline tree using the Subtotal method, then the subtotals are added automatically.

C1FlexGriddll not compatible with lower – Siemens PLM Community –

This is the easiest option. This inserts a new node row at a specified index. The summary c1flxegrid describes the overloads available:. GetCellCheck I, c1flexgrid Make sure gridDates in the line above is the actual instance you are displaying to the user. I used ” InsertNode ” to put it there a Node is a Row after all.

It also calls the AutoSizeCol c1flexgrid to ensure that the column is wide enough to accommodate the outline tree. Can you report an incident on supportone. The user can easily create simple reports c1flexgrid sales by country, by product, by salesperson, and so on.


Transpose C1FlexGrid for Winforms

Once the c1flexgrid row has been created, you can use it like any other row set the data for each column, apply styles, c1flexgrid. Rows I – 1. For more information, contact Amy Reese at press grapecity. Gets or sets the style of the tree’s connecting lines.

For one, have you set datatype c1flexgrid boolean for this column? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our C1flexgrid of Service. The columns may be referenced by index or by name.


Also notice the much wider indentation and the lines connecting the tree to regular rows “Boston Crab Meat”, “Gnocchi di nonna Alice”, etc. InsertNode index, level ; Or you can retrieve the node for an existing row using the row’s Node property: Email Required, but never shown. NET C1FlexGridWinFormsEntity FrameworkComponentOneFlexGridcreate outlines with c1flexgridcreate trees with gridcreate treeview with flexgridcreate outlines with flexgridc1flexgrid nodes in griduse nodes in flexgridhierarchical grouping to unstructured c1flexgridadd hierarchy to grid .