Can a person or organisation discharge more than a one CDM duty? Paragraph 21 of the ACoP states that if the risk is medium to high for example where the work involves the following;. It states that if you follow the advice given you will be doing enough to comply with the law as far as the CDM regulations are concerned. Further notifications are required by project changes that affects the notification, such as the subsequent appointment of the principal contractor. Therefore, by default anyone involved is a potential designer, including the client, architect , engineers , surveyors , service designers, project managers , landscape architects , contractors, interior designers and shop fitters and anyone purchasing materials without a detailed specification. The construction phase plan is prepared by the principal contractor for notifiable projects, to outline the arrangements for managing health and safety on site during construction work.

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The regulations placed specific duties on clientsdesigners and contractorsto plan their approach to health and safety. This notification may be performed using the HSE Form 10 rev or by other means, including electronic, providing it contains the information specified by Schedule 1 of CDM, which consists of:.

This applies to all demolition work regardless of size, duration or whether the job is notifiable. By using this site, you agree to the Cdm 2007 acop of Use and Privacy Policy.

It states that following the advice given complies with CDM regulations. Construction Design and Management Regulations Additional duties are also placed on the Client, Designers and Contractors. Primary roles and duties are to provide the client with an advisor on construction health and safety risk management cdm 2007 acop and to ensure compliance with CDM The duties in the CDM Regulations work in two ways.


The principal contractor develops a health and safety plan from the pre-construction information provided by the CDM coordinator and by ensuring that the plan is followed. CDM applies to all construction projects where people are at work.

These changes are significant and should be read in conjunction with the HSE document. Mandatory documents for a CDM project, include project notification, pre-construction information, construction phase plan and health and safety plan. Although there is no legal requirement for a formal appointment of a Principal Contractor or CDM coordinator or a construction phase plan for cdm 2007 acop projects, regulation does require cooperation and coordination between all members of the project team.

The erection and taking down of a scaffold used for the purposes of construction is construction work.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations – Wikipedia

cdm 2007 acop The striking of a scaffold will not be considered to be the demolition or dismantling of a structure. Unnecessary paperwork which adds little to risk management can be a dangerous distraction from the real business of risk reduction and management. The CDM coordinator needs the client’s support and input to work effectively. All focus should be on the actions afop to reduce and manage risk.

CDM 2007 FAQs: General Questions about CDM 2007 for Clients and Other Duty Holders

What is the difference between a construction phase plan and a health and safety file? An F10 form for doing this is available on the HSE web site.

They came into force on April 6, and replaced a predecessor as amended in and Health and Safety regulations. The principal dcm must be a licensed contractor. Existing Health and Safety files must be modified files for structures undergoing modifications. The client controls cdm 2007 acop duration, budget and appointment of other parties.


The carrying out of any building, civil engineering or engineering construction work and includes:. A plan detailing the arrangements for how demolition work will be carried out must be prepared before demolition or dismantling work begins. You must carry out a survey that identifies whether asbestos is present, and if so, where it is situated and what type it is. Domestic clients having work done on a property they intend to live in are exempt cdm 2007 acop CDM For instance, the contractor may wish to control access to the site, and limit it to those who have received a site induction.

A CDM coordinator is required only on notifiable projects. When carrying out demolition, regulation 29 requires those in control of the work to produce a written plan showing how danger will be prevented. Therefore, by default anyone involved is a potential designer, including the client, architectengineerssurveyorsservice designers, acpp managerslandscape architectscontractors, cdm 2007 acop designers and shop fitters and anyone purchasing materials without a detailed specification.

Part 4 applies to all construction work and places duties on any person carrying out construction work, or any person under the control of a person carrying out construction work.

The main findings were:.