Upvote 3 Leave Blank. Report this product to Microsoft. Add-ons for this game. These are small additions with only superficial changes to the core experience, but these little touches give this content a personality all of its own. After striking the hero’s dog with the fireball spell, an enraged hero exclaims “Leave.

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But the primary questline is the main draw, fable 3 traitors keep dlc it provides a marvellous bookend to the game proper. For Microsoft Points roughly five quid there’s certainly enough content to justify a return to Albion.

Traitor’s Keep has a knack for making mundane events tolerable, though, and completing all these little quests serves as a decent complement to the main adventure. Once the assassin is dispatched, the player is told that a ship has arrived in the harbour and they head down to the docks to see who is on board. The reliance on shallow combat leads to monotony and the few moral choices fail to deliver much hand-wringing, but Fable III’s lure didn’t stem from those simple aspects anyway.

Fable III Traitor’s Keep Review – IGN

It seems their world-saving efforts haven’t impressed everyone, because they’re fable 3 traitors keep dlc by an assassin who, between cutting and thrusting, denounces you as a dictator deserving of a quick death. It turns out that the attacking party was not acting alone, and you soon learn there’s an underground movement intent on removing you from the throne.

That familiarity is certainly not a bad thing, and it’s a welcome homecoming for those who crave more of the same, but in the rich world of Albion, a few doses of ingenuity could have gone a long way. Founder and Editor of PC Invasion.

Fable III: Traitor’s Keep DLC Review

The teaitors was the main draw in the original game, and that distinction holds true for the DLC as well. Peter Molyneux calls on Government to back UK games industry. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. There are also quite a few side quests and a brand new Demon Door to investigate once the main mission has been completed.


Milton, who is injured during the fight, tells the Hero to go on without him while he holds off the other prisoners. Turner’s motives posit an intriguing dilemma for the player because whether they’ve chosen to play Fable III’s main tfaitors as benevolent monarch or not, he can’t be dismissed as a noxiously evil villain. Contents [ show ]. If you enjoyed the game and still feel kinda empty. Inside the tunnel, the duo fight Mary’s experiments such as coloured hobbes, fire hollow men, and poison balverines before reaching Mary herself.

I think this dlc is better than the understone quest pack due to this has more gameplay and content. The DLC contains new weapons, new quests and new outfits.

First, they’re entirely black and white. Fable 3 traitors keep dlc remarks that the Godwin Estate is home to fable 3 traitors keep dlc large menagerie of strange creatures. Xbox version testedPC Developer: While Milton was away, an inmate called General Turner seized control of the prison, let out a lot of the inmates and broke into the armoury.

The Hero and Milton follow Turner and Hobson through the section of the Keep that contains the criminally insane. The quest begins after the events of Fable III when the Hero of Brightwall goes to the Bowerstone Castle royal treasury to speak with Hobson about what is traitlrs the royal agenda, now that The Crawler has been defeated and Albion is safe.


It’s also worth pointing out that Turner can use the very existence of the Keep as a deciding factor in any argument he chooses to make in favour traitprs getting rid of Albion’s king or queen. After her defeat Mary reveals that she had hoped to escape the corrupted world of man and join what she viewed as the far more pure world of the ancient and magical creatures of the world.

As they reach her, Mary performs her ultimate experiment, collecting the essences of a hobbe, hollow man, and balverine into a potion and using it to become a hybrid of the three. You know, unlike the last fable 3 traitors keep dlc in Fable III.

Fable III Traitor’s Keep Quest Pack

All they actually do is puncture the deliciously dark atmosphere of the DLC’s intriguing story. But these bouts manage to entertain because the pleasant visuals give you something pretty to stare at, and the robots are at least a new foe to square off against. There are traitorz new locations, a couple of new weapons, three new outfits, new combat flourishes and new treasure chests. Before the hero can react Milton flips the switch to the device, knocking the hero out.

Fable III Traitor’s Keep Quest Pack

Considering you’ve bought the so-so game you kinda already know what this dlc is. More from the web.

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