Originally Posted by jaasiu Yes, i can see this file and the second file is libtesseract Add your preferred awake and value. If you want more you gotta support them yourselves. Page 1 of Register for your free account! Open Source – View the source code on github Clicking – Simulates mouse click onto the item and scrolls.

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FlyFF – Awakebot (Customizable, Support your own server)

It’s been a long time since I’ve released anything, or anything free at all for that matter. Click start and let it do it’s job. If you want more you gotta support them yourselves. Click the last red button and a green transparent window will appear, drag and form a rectangle above the item awake text.

Flyff Auto Awakening Bot – free download suggestions

The bot is now basing it’s interpretation on the server config and possible awakes. Flyff awakening bot recommended to add a small awake delay of 0. Not needed if it ain’t a laggy server. I’ve made it possible for users to add their server config, so it’d be great if people down in the post section could share their config for their specific server. Well, the error message says that you’re missing liblept Hopefully fixed the OutOfMemoryException, turns out the error was not memory.


Yeah, it does work. I have this error: I just cant run it because I am running 32 bit it works now, I just aakening to turn off antivirus. Boy Posted by jaasiu. The time now is Add your preferred awake and value. Originally Flyff awakening bot by jaasiu This is exactly what I did. It’s important that you also make the rectangle a little bigger incase a bigger awake appears.

Originally Posted by greyb1t. Added an option to only click the “Awake Scroll Pos” once. That is how it should look: Smart Awake Compare – Combines the awakes on items to not miss an awake that is split up.

Register for your free account! If you server does not exist, make a config yourself by the guide down clyff. Page 1 of It really keeps me motivated! Added a new option inside of the config to add a delay unique to that server of the time taken before an awake is done.


FlyFF – Awakebot (Customizable, Support your own server)

Fixed a bug with “Item Awake Read Awaiening being unreachable. It’s needed in order for the bot to read the current awake. A new flyff awakening bot has been added in the server config. Originally Posted by jaasiu I have this error: The performance has been increased.

Currently only a couple of server are supported. Added possibilty to support non-english language servers. My main focus when making this “Awakebot” was to make it as optimized as possible in the way of me not being required to update it frequently.