Unfortunately, Android doesn’t automatically support polytonic Greek. If you know of others, let us know in the Comments. This is keyboard is awkward to use, but it works in most applications, especially Microsoft programs. Email Required, but never shown. As for the Linux fonts, those lisitngs are helpful. I dabbled with Linux for a few years, but gave it up as requiring too much tech savvy for my time constraints. You will see the Minon files.

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Fonts that include Unicode polytonic Greek

For Windows Phone, there is no solution so far, but for fobts both iPhone and iPad and Android, a mobile version of the Keyman app see above is available. I haven’t tried it to see how it works, though. Close the windows and now you should see a US flag in your menu bar upper right. All operating systems are not created equal.

Polytonic Greek Unicode Keyboards

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Please use customary discretion when downloading any software. You 4, 2 19 Porson by Richard G. It uses slashes for accents and shift states for breathing marks. This will enable you to create Greek documents, fpnts sites, and emails which most current browsers will display properly. Click the Add button.

xetex – Polytonic Greek without changing other fonts – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Polytonic Greek is quite a bit of work to support; there probably aren’t many free fonts that support it. They work just fine. Home About Why Greek polytonic fonts Installation is a no-brainer, thank you! Steve Bauer March 21, at 6: I will probably be at this address on your computer: Adobe has quite a greeek Greek fontsthe ones marked ‘Pro’ are more likely to have polytonic. There may be others, but these include at least the standard fonts on Mac OSX This is what I do.

The default font doesn’t display most of the desired characters, but I like the default font for greek polytonic fonts of the Latin characters. There are type specimins on their website. The only downside that in Microsoft Word there are a few shift states that Microsoft decided to use as hot-keys which should have been reserved for foreign language keyboards.

All of these fonts can be installed on Macintosh and Linux as well as Windows polytonoc. Not all versions of these fonts may contain polytonic Greek, but the most recent versions do. The accents change as you type them. It is a fantastic page! Minion Pro greek polytonic fonts, at least at one time, installed along with Adobe Reader, so it was freely distributed.


It will probably be here on your computer: Sartzetakis’ site or the Elpenor site. Basically that is to say, I would like the document to appear with the same fonts for the non-Greek parts as is the default, but the Greek part in a font such as Cardo, which gives beautiful Greek characters.

The following fonts are all in TeX Live Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new polytoniv by email.