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If all you want to nd is watch your recordings on your console of choice then use the described platform, otherwise always select Playstation 3. You may feel it’s not worth the trouble getting it to work with your current configuration. You need to set your console to the resolution you want to record at.

I use it all the time to cut unwanted parts and it sews them up together. PS I don’t work for them. After selecting i, hit X Enter to go to the next step. If you have read through this and still feel you have some issues, please pvvr them in the comments below. This Users Forum is provided as a free resource for users to exchange ideas and learn how others are utilizing the software but it is NOT a place where you can get ArcSoft hd pvr arcsoft totalmedia extreme support.

Please download the latest version of the Blaster Configuration program click here.

Support: HD PVR and HD PVR Gaming Edition

The others said thier was terrible ghosting and it only works well with PS2 and its just bad quality. Hopefully this guide will lessen the pain for anyone totalmedai just wants to record some beastly gameplay from their HD games console. Yeah, when editing longish captures, there’s the tendency to lose sync. Hd pvr arcsoft totalmedia extreme, the device needs to be connected to both a computer and the device you are recording. I’m tired of wasting my time on it. Check out this forum post here for further instructions.


Recording high definition video from a Playstation3 Note: Yeah it still pops up. This forum thread on videohelp seems to be discussing yotalmedia same issues you are having http: For a long TS file, I chop it in half first, then edit each one. If I use gdsmux to create the mkv then it is only out of sync at the very end.

Hauppauge UK | HD PVR Support

Yeah, the longer the capture, the greater the odds for sync problems. PS3 or Xbox Oh and you are a brave man to play via hd pvr arcsoft totalmedia extreme Preview: Connections to a Cable TV or Satellite set top box Connecting to a set top box with Component video and stereo audio click to enlarge diagram Connecting to a set top box with Component video and optical audio click arcdoft enlarge diagram.

By connecting the Component video output from your high definition cable TV or satellite TV set top box to the component video inputs of the HD PVR, you will be able to record the TV programs coming from your set top box to the hard disk. M2TS which is compatible with the Sony Playstation3.


The software side has tended to be a bit of a mine-field though, and the HD PVR is no exception to this. I have to restart SageTV for it to see the channel change or pause.

ArcSoft Total Media Extreme software, which ships with Hauppauge HD PVR.

The newest totalmesia installed fine this hd pvr arcsoft totalmedia extreme. I’m afraid to spend my money on VideoRedo though since I haven’t seen any testimonials on whether it works or not. If you have selected optical you must select the compatible formats either PCM 2ch or Dolby 5. The problem is that when totalmedka have the hd pvr hooked up with the console and tv, i get a flickering image on my tv and wierd hard faint black lines running down my screens.

The web page is: In Showbiz you have to set the default resolution used when uploading. Also, if you choose the wrong video source in Arcosft TMW, you will get a black screen. Go into Console Settings Go into Display. It almost seemed like COX was tracking what I was doing because everytime I tried to capture something, some kind of message would pop up to mess up my capture.