I don’t like the first album at all, it seems to me as if we’ve never recorded it even, and I like a few songs from the second one. The first thing they did wasn’t to inform the citizens what was going on, but to close B92 as it was called at the time. Enter your search terms Submit search form. What would be the concept behind the third album and to what extent would it differ from the previous two albums? Almost all of the tracks from the third album will be in English which is something that the fans might object to. Their debute release was a live album Guarda Toma!

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Buy what you’re told you should want? B means as much to us as to many other Belgraders. Museum of modern artNY october Yet it wouldn’t make any sense, in that case, to tell the people at radio stations not to play your song Everyone knows what this song refers to, and it’s nothing to do with whatever’s kkn igracka placka place abroad – this song refers to these parts.

Every band is judged by its music, and there you could see whether they keep silent or not. Soon after Igracka placka was released, Stevan kkn igracka placka the group and was replaced with Vladan Rajovic. But if you have one, then there’s a danger of that song being used for anything, even when it shouldn’t be so.


We Didn’t Want to Play in Honour of Total Destruction of Our Country

Enter your search terms Submit search form. We’ve played recently at a concert organised by “Otpor” Resistance, an anti-regime student organisation.

KKN was founded in in pre-war Belgrade, but began more serious work only after when the lead singer Oliver Nektarijevic returned from America. We iggacka want to play in honour of the total destruction of our country.

KKN – Free Serbia – Other voices from Serbia – Interviews

And I can’t possibly see who else could release our album – they’re the only ones. For the last couple of years you’ve released two albums, appeared on several compilations, played numerous concerts, while “Igracka placka” was voted the best album of the year by the critics.

Pllacka indeed silence won’t do, why our bands keep silent? There i went to elementary and high kkn igracka placka Get out of your apartment.

Posted kgracka sahan11yu at 6: During the first week of bombardment and concerts at the Republic Squarea man, probably one of the organisers, phoned me, kkn igracka placka I told him I wasn’t at home. Their kkn igracka placka release was a live album Guarda Toma! Enter Your e-mail address. I wouldn’t know what it would be like when it comes to concept behind it, but I think it’ll be much better than the previous two albums. He was replaced by Ivan Topisirovic. After an excellent album “Igracka placka” Cry Toy the public is impatiently awaiting the new material.


Nikola Novakovic igrack Nenad Pejovic have come in as guitar players while Branislav Dragovic plays the bass.

When it comes to our mutual relationship concerning the release of this album, well, that’s business. The social engagement of KKN continued to oppose the imposed limitation of freedom of expression and to promote an anti-war attitude. Basically, music is something we love the most.

The un-interrupted reality of Kanda, Koja and Nebojsa | Belgraders

You have been warned On this day …. Concubines Did you know Become kept the social attitude of the band but expressed it in kkn igracka placka more subtle way. Youtube screenshot After four years of inactivity, KKN gathered once more in a different composition.

Also, for around a quarter of a century, the KKN lyrics igradka an appeal to everyone to be dedicated to love and spreading positive energy, but also to observe the world around us in an impassionate and kkn igracka placka way. Labels biography 1 music 4 serbian alternative 1 warning 1 youtube 1. The group disbanded at the end of This is one of the reasons why we should see what’s new and what’s old when it comes to Kanda, Kodza i Nebojsa in pictures, words and music.