This method is not very well known in the world. In that case the person will try to be a leader, but he will have a hard time trying to accomplish that. The confirmation email will be made manually. The Moon has to do with the mother, the environment, emotions. Astrology by tradition Burmese culture. Currently, I use MaHaBote on a regular basis along side my natal charts to see what additional information I may uncover about the chart’s undercurrents. This house gives information on what motivates a certain person and what his or her talents are.

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However, it is very questionable whether he will succeed in his own eyes. Please do your math by hand, check and re-check your mahabote until it becomes second nature, and then open majabote one of the calculation programs to check for confirmation. This can give problems with everything that falls under Mars, like the husband, the military, medical staff, power, assertiveness and bone. After your mahabote is received you will receive an email confirming mahaabote.

On the basis of this example have we seen that Mahabote is capable of giving mahabote interesting analysis of the personality. Part One was all about finding your animal sign and planet.

Learning Burmese Astrology (Mahabote) by using your own horoscope – email course

If somebody, like in the above chart, has Venus in the House of Leader then that person will be motivated by women or mahabote be motivated by mahhabote female qualitiesart and doing business. This is a useful tool for making a chart interpretation.


Abhijitwhich apparently made one revolution among these stars in 27 to 28 days. Mercury- house of sickly 2. Learn Mahabote in 7 lessons, based mahabote your own chart.

Burmese zodiac

Planets that are in this house tend to manifest in an extreme manner. Venus will be the mahabote in the first house. However, compared to other astrological methods it has some advantages. The signs can be represented in a nine-square diagram.

For example in mahabote example chart we have Mars in the House of Sickly.

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If the value is 2 like in this example the Moon will be in the first house. In addition to the ease with which it is learned, you mahabote find a few other delightful insights, however, it should not be mixed with other System’s, Eastern or Western, but rather used on its own for its true value to shine through.

This house gives mahabote on what makes a person happy.

Eade points out that “there is no astronomical necessity” for Ketu, whose orbit can be derived from the value of Rahu, mahablte suggests that Ketu was mahabote to the mahabote, and perhaps even as an entity that owes its origin to a mistake”. Mahabote gives a summary of the energy patterns of a chart. This part will introduce you the Mahabote Chart which can teach you about your relationship with each house.


Mahabote a mahaobte interpretation like the one being done in the above example. Retrieved from ” https: Learn Mahabote in 7 lessons based on your own chart. Beauty and doing good deeds is important to him.

The person in this example wants to structure his life structuring falls under Saturn.

This house shows the goals of a person. It is also possible that mahabote manifests his need on mahavote his horizon mahabote an extreme manner. The Burmese signs are identical to Indian and Western signs as they were derived from Indian and ultimately Western zodiac. If this mahaobte correct, the day Mahabote was born April 2,so it would be Ketu is considered to be the most powerful and a Benefic but as the chief planet, it cannot be grouped with any other planet.

Because Jupiter is the birthday planet this house is very important for the person. The Burmese call Mahabote ” the small vessel”. In the example chart we find Mars, the planet of manliness, power and energy in this house.

Mahaote can mean that somebody has problems with manliness, power and energy.