When you change a group’s account template to another account template or delete a group or account template all the relevant user accounts are updated immediately. These are the minimum recommended system requirements for MDaemon Messaging Server to run. Each account’s FILES folder will be left in place in case there are files there which should not be deleted. This feature is disabled by default. Russian Japanese Portuguese Italian Chinese. Salted hashes of previous passwords are stored – not the actual passwords themselves. When an account is disabled an email is sent to the postmaster which can be replied to which re-enables the account.

mdaemon 13.5.2

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The only exception is that the settings to make an account a global or domain administrator can not be used with the New Accounts template.

MDaemon Messaging Server – Tech Specs

ComAgent now supports multiple languages. This prevented use of smart hosts for particular domains and standard direct 31.5.2 for others. It works like this: If the message is not bounced it becomes part of the standard retry queue mechanism. In order to use any smart host the proper message routing option still needs to be selected there.

mdaemon 13.5.2

Tags exchange mail mail-server mdaemon. If this is enabled for a public folder MDaemon will add the public folder name and a unique identifier to the subject of messages sent to the submission address of the public folder. Support for basic ActiveSync device policy has been added. Once the maximum number of inactive days has been reached, the account is disabled and an email is sent to the postmaster. Also, all user related macros previously unavailable for use are now eligible for use in autoresponder scripts.


Mail Server | MDaemon e-Mail Server for Windows | System Requirements

Accounts can not recall messages sent by other accounts and SMTP authentication is required for each step of the process. A new “Apply installation mdadmon button reverts all the settings on this page to installation defaults. Inherit means the domain will honor the global default.

The database of authentication failures is maintained in memory and gets reset on a mdwemon and at midnight each night. The old UI for setting up new account default settings has been removed.

Install MDaemon 13.5.1

Previously, several such messages ignored this setting. The main UI utilizes colors in real time as the log string is actually constructed and displayed however the configuration session which reads log files from disk must read the color value from a new bit placed just after the time-stamp in the logged string. This means that over time some orphaned aliases might accumulate but no harm done and they can be removed using the alias editor.

mdaemon 13.5.2

So, if you want to enable smart hosts for one or more domains use the domain manager to do so. MDaemon Mail Server is one of the most comprehensive mail server solutions available today for companies of all sizes Download MDaemon Groups have a new “Priority” setting from I could not find proper attributes in our Active Directory for some of the contact fields but thats because I’m not an AD expert.

It is expected that this will not ordinarily be the case.


The main mission of templatesyard is to provide the best quality blogger templates which are professionally designed and perfectlly seo optimized to deliver best result for your blog. This does not take into account running multiple programs simultaneously. Each account’s FILES folder will be left in place in case there are files there which should not be deleted.

Please note that use of smart hosts had to be reset to OFF for all domains 1.35.2 to this change. The idea is to provide a grace period for your users to realize they need to recall a message. mmdaemon

mdaemon 13.5.2

MDaemon 13 adds document sharing to the WorldClient themes. DAT file is no longer used and will be removed as part of this migration process. So, now it is possible to specify and use smart hosts for some and not necessarily all of your domains.

Any outbound messages having this specially formatted subject will have the From address changed to the submission address of the public folder and a copy of the outbound message will be placed into a child public folder mdaeomn “Replied To”. MDaemon accounts which are flagged as hidden are not subject to having their contact record created or updated.

Any deleting takes places as part of the midnight cleanup event.