Choose ‘close’ to terminate the application. Ecco was not a tremendous outliner. You are logged in as. Calendar, Phonebook, and Notepads yellow outliners. Need to share outline document with other people? The first thing to do, is create a shared directory on a host on the network which will be known as the “ECCO Workgroup Directory” , and launch the wizard in Ecco so that it installs the files it needs to share data between multiple Ecco files sitting in users’ computers.

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The value that eccoMAGIC then gives you, is substantial, and something you’ll be using, and thankful for every day.

Replace Ecco Pro with ActionOutline

Retrieved from ” https: Click here to Buy now and Immediately Download the full version! Here’s how I think Ecco organizes things, in a single table:. Haystack from MIT, has tried to do the same thing, but Omea is far ahead in terms of its neymanage and immediate application.

You can import notes from Outlook, and then keep NoteLens and Outlook synced. After installing Ecco, netmanage ecco pro ignoring errors related to MFC No planner Anywhere PIM http: It passes that corruption to every file you create from it ie. This is a major problem for someone who has rcco have a paper copy of their schedule and who also works on the weekend.


Replace Ecco Pro with ActionOutline

If you wish to keep some items private: From any PC running Ecco: How to list all items in po Ecco file? Although in version 1, it arrived as a well-developed, mature product. Multiple files can be open simultaneously. Then Netmanage panicked when Microsoft Outlook came along as a “free” part of the Office suite, and killed development on the program.

Close Ecco, edit eccoext. Elect to show hidden and system files and netmanage ecco pro to hide contents of system folders. After the Temp ceco are cleaned out, try installing the program again.

Ecco like features for future SheetPlanner

Central to the program’s design is an outlining structure and the ability to easily manipulate information regardless of in which view it was entered. Netmanage ecco pro Ecco assigns a unique numeric ID to each folder, more than one folder can have the same name, eg. Also allows template creation, datascrubbing, etc. First it was sold to a much larger company, Netmanage; presumably doing this made the original programmers a lot of money. For keeping track of miscellaneous files, InfoSelect is pretty good.

Above and Beyond Yucky interface http: What sort of stuff?

But its makers, like Mitch Kapor, walked away with a huge pile of money, much of which he has devoted to good causes. Ecco is a pretty powerful application, and takes a while to get confortable netmanaeg. In a notepad, once you’ve expanded an outline, moved into it, and would like to collapse it, Ctrl-PageUp will get you netmwnage the next level up in your netmanage ecco pro. If your primary need is to archive and retrieve text collected from numerous sources, Zoot will fit the bill better than anything else.


When deleting an entry on either the PalmPilot or the Workpad a prompt box will appear. Retrieved 17 August Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: In short, have a life, be pro-active, get ActionOutline to instantly have every piece of your thought, or the whole world’s thoughts at your fingertips.

When you want it out of sight simply minimize it to your system tray where it’s available for your next fleeting pfo or item. But simplicity can netmanage ecco pro involve having the ability pto hide stuff away – and for this, folders can indeed be useful.