You can see the rankings on the NosTale Website. With the warehouse you can trade your items over to your other characters on the same account. Stats — Abbreviation for Statistics, This means that the attributes of a character e. The official NosTale channel can be found at nostale. Skill Points — Received when your Specialist card gains job levels.

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The success nowtale based on probabilities. Groups — Up to three players can form a group together and tackle missions. Mini Games — Mini Games in Miniland, where you can get hold of valuable items.

Baron Berios — Boss from the Light Familyraid. Lever — Is usually necessary to open locked doors in Time Spaces. BoA — Blessing of Ancelloan Boss — A powerful monster — you have to build a nostape in order to defeat it e.

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Heralds of the Winged Exemplar —…. Quick Slots — You can place objects and Skills in the Quick Slots to easily use them by pressing a quick key. When you combine different resistances, you can achieve higher elemental defense.


Client — A computer program that nostale exp bot data or information from a server. At present there are numerous NosTale images, faces with different moods.

Minimap — This shows the position of the character on the map. Chat Window — Allows you to communicate with other players in the game. Is mainly used for leveling. Defeat will decrease your dignity. NosMates you are actively in the fight to the side. Faction — There are two factions in Nostale Angels and Demonswhich compete against each other in Act 4.

Vendetta Exp bot

Fairies — You increase your elemental attack when they accompany your character. Arena — PvP map. They are important if you want to advance in the story.

This comment form is under antispam protection. The latter are irrelevant to the story progression. Here you can bpt special items for NosTale such as costumes, vehicles, pets and much more.

NosTale Glossary : MGW: Game Cheats, Cheat Codes, Guides

AFK — Away from Keyboard. Shell — Can be attached to weapons and armor to add certain attributes. Maintenance — Server Maintenance, we are currently working on resetting or updating the server. Warehouse — Can be built in your Miniland and serves nostale exp bot the storage of items.


Malcolm Mix — NPC in NosVille, brew potions for materials, combines your resistances for you and upgrades your specialist cards. Adventurer — You begin the game as an Adventurer in NosVille. You get it by completing special Time Spaces. Cash Item — An item purchased from NosMall. Swordsman, Archer or Mage. You can also enter individually.

HP — Health Points. Wedding — In NosTale you can get married. Ignore — If you have problems with other players, you can ignore them by using the Blacklist function. Everytime you rise 1 job level, you receive 2 CP Max.