As I’m listening to it, it feels like the ocean is taking me away into it’s magnificence. For it has touched my life and those of my clients. Mazuy indeed creates beautiful meditation music”. Where We Disappear as One Track 5: Congratulations, you have impressed a critical listener. Just imagine how blissful you would feel after listening for ten minutes, half an hour, an hour Jim Brenholts, Ambient Visions Magazine.

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Release “Ocean Euphoric” by Kip Mazuy – MusicBrainz

In fact, I would say that Ocean Euphoric meditates the user, not the user meditating to it. The ultimate meditation practice tool. Jim Brenholts, Ambient Visions Magazine. Increased awareness mwzuy intuitive abilities in just using the CD five times. I was playing your CD the other day in our bookstore, and when yours came on we ocean euphoric kip mazuy a 5cd changer my friend Janis immediately turned the volume up, ‘What IS this, it’s really powerful!

The truth of the matter is that it’s incredibly important to learn how to practice meditation correctly.

Ocean Euphoric Part 3. So that simply by listening to music people would enter deep states of meditation. How can we, as westerners have access to such a tool in a way that fits in with out technology and culture?


Meditation Music By Kip Mazuy. Minimal, soft and soothing Meditation Music. We have really been enjoying them. It was strange, because, though my eyes were closed, I could see it, and it was very localized.

Because if you are going to invest your precious time every day to practicing meditation, then why not do everything in your power to get the most out of it and use the best meditation sound technology available? Ocean Euphoric is a favorite among ocean euphoric kip mazuy practitioners.

It’s like my pineal was being stimulated and generating these electrical impulses. Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music.

Ocean Euphoric (Kip Mazuy) – GetSongBPM

I discovered that through sound, I could transfer an experience of unconditional peace to others. If you have any questions about your meditations or your general life experience, I can help bring instant clarity to issues you may have been struggling with for years.

Order Ocean Euphoric now, listen at least 15 minutes a day, following the book’s simple guidelines ocen you will enjoy incredible peace. Imagine what having 8 hours of extra meditation a day can do for your awareness. It’s like sitting in the presence of an enlightened being.

Ocean Euphoric

lcean And I am committed that it will euphotic the same for you. It touches eupphoric soul. Ocean Euphoric contains 63 minutes of continuous relaxing meditation music with a unique “shakti” sound technology that can make you feel more blissful than you ever have before. Mystic Picasso part 3. Enhance your focus, making it easier for you to attain what you want in life. Just imagine ocean euphoric kip mazuy blissful you would feel after listening for ten minutes, half an hour, an hour And in the end, I discovered a way to do this with sound.


Music For Deep Meditation: I have simply taken what has been known in the east for centuries as the easiest way to experience deep meditation and turned it into music. Thank you so much for the wonderful music.

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Using a tapestry of natural sounds, I have found a way to directly deliver to you the natural energy vibration of unconditional peace, the peace you would feel in the highest states of meditation.

Simply put, it is the best I have ever heard. They are beautiful just for listening and enjoyment.