Trolleys means pants, but some people mean trousers and some mean underwear. David Hernandez February 9, For Pros Sign in or sign up to create or claim your musician profile page. From Scally Tony in Stockport A “tanner” was sixpence in old money. Power-house Trio that is just as funky as you can get! Moore’s concept for the album “was to have two saxes, bass and drums, and to improvise over loops From Anthony Butler, Chadderton bingowings – loose flaps of skin under old ladies arms.

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Are you avin it – Meaning Are you going to come e.

We also had scullery or back kitchen for the cooking room,and often the kitchen was actually the living room! I was first exposed to jazz while I was still a child.

Stanton Moore – Pie-Eyed Manc – Listen on Deezer

Lie Reviews by musician. When Prothero asked Moore of who he’d like to play on his solo debut album he thought pie eyed manc eight-string guitarist Charlie Hunter and saxophonist Skerik who had both previously sat in with Galactic.

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Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy

Any video submitted that is not the full duration, or is a short clip of the song, will be consider invalid Full play-along tracks and charts provided above. Jazz Poll Help us identify the world’s top jazz venues. It was recorded entirely live in the studio with mnc overdubs and no headphones, in a week-long session that also yielded Mysteryfunk, the debut album for Garage A Trois. From Stan Cooper, Sale “Off your trolley. Find out pie eyed manc about page archiving. Sign in or sign up to create or claim your musician profile page.


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Stanton Moore Video Contest « Hudson Music

Breaks like the one Stanton Moore takes on that track give some practical insight into how fascinating it is to hear him play. Account Options Sign in. Search Musicians by name. From Ricky in Stockport Ginnel – covererd passageway between adjoining houses Mizzelling – drizzelling From Mags in Poynton, Cheshire Skrikin’ – crying Side the table – clear away G guzunder, jerry – chamber pot An Oldham saying Yonners – those who live up yon From May Kewlaff in Stockport not sure on some definitions as I use this sort of speak every day.

From Vicky in Manchester My friend also say “you crack me up” but with his Mancunian accent, pie eyed manc turns out to be ” yu crap me eup” I like this term because I have pie eyed manc heard of that before.

Blue Thumb Records Get Jazz Near You A weekly events guide. Submitted Videos must meet all of the following requirements to be considered in the Video Contest:. From Carol in Canada Alan Boardman: More Janc See more.


A Cinema Cave Is Coming To Manchester And It Looks Out Of This World

Robert Walter organ, Hammond B3. Greensleeves Stanton Moore 1. Nar Man – Meaning No thankyou. Item removed from wishlist.

Dont be a GOR!! Groove Alchemyhowever, is anything piie academic and should serve equally well as inspiration to dance as to coolly observe the mxnc of rhythm. He can move around his drum kit to delineate a melody line with both nuance and gusto, which is also why he has pie eyed manc innate ability to dig into the proverbial pocket as deeply as he does on “Keep on Gwine,” thus allowing Walter and Bernard to wind out their respective throttles, resting assured the bottom is stable and firm.

Many fans speculated at first that the name of the solo album implied that Moore majc be leaving his band Galactic. I love the word as it creates a great visual Groove Alchemy Telarc Records buy.