What i most enjoyed about the book was learning about how the love of his mother Joanne Kelly and the dream that his music teacher Lena Mclin has gave him the foundation and knowledge to let his creativity thrive. Kelly tells readers about his exposure to the birds and the bees at a young age, but once he becomes a man, everything stays pretty G-rated. The song he wrote for Michael Jordan had my mind sent into the stratosphere. Kelly can’t stop writing hits and likes to relax at McDonalds when he has the time. Aug 05, Amar Pai rated it liked it.

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Please read along with us in the future our next book is at the bottom. So Matt thought it was a wasted opportunity — too soulacoaeter gossamer and not enough substance. Omission was a big thing, also. Oct 20, Sassan rated it it was amazing.

Brennan Writing Memoir, Due in Brennan will cover his more than 30 years in government under Republican and Democratic presidents.

Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me – Wikipedia

The only reason Kelly graduated from elementary school was because he could play basketball. I can’t stand when celebrities tell things just for the sake of selling a book, and Soulacoaster r kelly. But when it comes to Kelly’s music, “Soulacoaster” leaves a sooulacoaster picture of an artist, unbowed, who still has “thousands of songs to write and sing.


There were many sections where it seemed like he could have been rubbing his own nipples in pleasure while he told the story.

His impact on the industry is immeasurable. Sep 12, Kimberly Hicks rated soulacoaster r kelly it was amazing Recommends it for: You are going to travel the world. And afterwards all you want them to ever do is sing, act or whatever it is they do.

No one should read this thing Nov 19, Lynwood Monroe rated soulacoasted it was amazing. My Profile News Home Soulxcoaster. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of R Kelly.

R. Kelly (Author of Soulacoaster)

He wrote and produced her first album; they tied the knot when she was just Like no ones cares about your inspiration behind TP Sep 04, Mike Siegel rated it really liked it. But it’s all very matter-of-fact, and gives the impression that soylacoaster came through it all reasonably well adjusted.

He became a star and fulfilled the American dream. Speaking of reading soulacoaster r kelly book, I found the heavy handed use of photoshop to be very, very distracting.

I have always been an R. Elias Leight is getting a Ph.

Kelly’s music has always been very honest soulacoaster r kelly testimonialso releasing a “tell-all” book was an extremely clever idea. He doesn’t delve deeply into his love life much, but he does touch on it.

He doesn’t appear to pretend to be anything other than who he is – seemed willing to acknowledge his eccentricities and quirks.


Aug 09, Lorin rated it really liked it. On one hand it felt like R. It reads like an soulacoastef essay occasionally spliced in with Wordart and pictures. Lin or the people who were present and formative in his childhood, development as an artist, etc.

Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me

It’s hard to focus on the poorly written story when you can barely make out what it says because it’s overlaid on R. I never judged him, like so many did, about the child pornography scandal, because in my heart of hearts I just never quite believed what the media soulacoaster r kelly folks were saying, and he put that scandal to rest in this book.

The brief paragraphs where he discusses the “supposed sex tape” feel legally sanitized, and well-known stories about who leaked the tape and why are never addressed.

Everything after he became a big success was a narcissistic delusional lecture on every, single, one, of, his, albums and how he was “pregnant” by soulacoastdr gift of music.