Getting a license, office space, minimal business expenses. This filtering process is an evolution for audio effects. How can you not get it? How it works is open and free for everyone. So it was a mystery to me why tube amps sound so much better. Glover, who has since passed away. I wrote it off as people trying to relive the past, get back to that vintage sound, bring back the sixties man!

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If you haven’t heard of Cymatics, check it out. Tonoscope software are taking this a step further and filtering the sound based on the partle formations. The particle movement is based on probabilities so reproducing the similar formations is possible. You need to have Tonoscope in your pocket.

Cymatic Software

So it was a mystery to me why tube amps sound so much better. Finally digital effects surpass their analog counterparts. Penelope is an evolution for audio effects. Posted tonoscope software htk at Which helps push the particles to the center and keeps the plate resonating no matter the fundamental frequency of the input audio.


How it works is open and free for everyone. The final product will be a Real-Time audio effects suite.

This project is so essential, and so awesome it is hard for me to explain to people. People would call in and ask about tube amps. Plus it incorporates a new, if not old and mystical, way to visualize music and understand the multiverse. With just a-little-bit of primer in the pan, we take off like a bullet. The second biggest hurdle is support. Newer Post Older Post Home. The money tonoscope software go toward starting a business. This filtering process is an evolution for audio effects.

What We need to do to complete this project. The size of the plate scales depending on the input note. We need you to show your support by backing, liking, sharing, downloading, whatever you can do.

The reality today is practice amps tonoscope software being used less and less. Contribute to the kickstarter campaign HERE. Trust me I can calculate the harmonic reflections of a microwave tube using Bessel functions, but that is not what we are doing here. People who understand Cymatics just tonoscope software it, “Yes, that would be cool. More recently I’ve become interested in Cymatics, the study of how sound affects matter.


How can you not get it?

Software Tonoscope Download – It is a full featured and mathematically accurate Tonoscope emulator

It tonoscope software in the sound necessarily, but in the response. You could play soft and dive into rich crystal clear tube tones, or play hard and melt in creamy overdrive atop mountains of harmonic distortion, and everything in-between, at your finger tips. Fonoscope Art, Music, and Technology in one app. It will be worth it.

The app will act as a Tonoscope. It is quite amazing how sound can manifest in chladni patterns, or sacred geometries, under the right conditions. The particle movement is random, so every run of Penelope is unique. What do I tonoscope software