The costuming is first rate and feels very authentic. In the inevitable fire-fuelled finale it is showcased brilliantly, but more of these kinds of sequences would’ve been useful for Petersen to shut his critics up. It is more likely Bloom was put in this part for his looks rather than his talent, which is still in question by yours truly. Fight scenes were not overdone, and the love scenes were part of but didn’t completely rule the story of Troy which I also liked. Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom play more emotional heroes, and while Bana manages to give Hector an awesome kick-ass edge, strong nobility and adds many dimensions to his heroic part, Bloom doesn’t quite handle the job as well.

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And those thousand ships, battles, and numerous troy (2004).avi effects certainly please the eye. The question is simply irrelevant. Rob 3, 9 40 He does a good job with the film, rooting the battles in genuine emotion and intelligence, and giving it a distinctive, memorable atmosphere and artistic look.

I certainly would’ve liked to have seen more of the set of Troy exposed. I had never seen a shield wielded so realistically on film. Troy is an excellent movie.

Troy YIFY subtitles

Wolfgang Petersen was criticised for being too much of a claustrophobic director to take on one of the biggest films ever made, but he handles the epic, large scale of the film nicely, if perhaps maybe not using as many swooping, stunning shots as he could.


But the combat scenes with him are more than enough to make up for that. Fortunately, the Illiad is such a superb story it’s virtually impossible to mess it up troy (2004).avi. OK, visually this film is amazing. Troy (2004).avi look what happened.

I applaud Brad Pitt’s effort in making his troy (2004).avi a tragic hero. In one scene I thought there was an unlikely event and researched only to find it actually is in the Iliad.

AG] sub download 0 Arabic subtitle Troy.

The movie basically shows us how a rumor can blossom into a legend unto itself. Convert your movie with Miro Video Converter or similar software Miro – http: But huge battles do not a great film make.

Subtitles for YIFY movie Troy

DanBeale 4 I finally got to see this movie in the bargain theaters here in El Paso on Labor Day. Their lines are well delivered and their characters are believable. While this movie was troy (2004).avi near the epic masterpiece that the producers had hoped or that it was advertised as, it did not deserve the bad publicity it received from critics.

His actions in the film really seem appropriate. Achilles acknowledges that he is NOT the son of a goddess and is not immortal troy (2004).avi invulnerable. We see that the elders who continually refer to their so-called gods (2004).avo across as fools.


He will join this generation’s acting elite if he finds more roles troy (2004).avi this. Home Troy Troy Adventure, Drama. AVI ain’t supported by any browser. When the writer was asking for too much, he was in fact being true to the text. BreakHead 3, 30 95 AG] sub download 0 Malay subtitle Troy flm2u download 0 Norwegian subtitle Troy sub download 0 Polish subtitle Troy sub download 0 Portuguese subtitle Troy nitro85 download -1 Romanian troy (2004).avi Troy sub download 5 Serbian subtitle (2004).avu sub download 0 Serbian subtitle ser sub download -1 Serbian subtitle Troy.

But here in Troy I have new-found respect. Achilles is easily the most interesting and entertaining character. Later in the same scene he scoffs at froy so-called gods the Greeks and Trojans worship by decapitating the statue. I also tried troy (2004).avi in Google Chrome, still triy success So I saw it again for History class since it’s not historically accurate, perhaps that wasn’t the best idea.