It uses GD to generate the thumbs, so please check if your hosting supports it. Any solution for falang? If you just tell us how to access to the related category id it will work for URL rewriting. Manage the icon to be displayed on Apple and Android devices when adding your site to homepage Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Specific icon depending on your device screen resolution iPhone 4 retina display, large iPad screen or older iPhone, iPod Adds a loading screen Full screen display With this extension, you can update all your products from one single screen via ajax. Was my item not included? Lot of of OPC related plugins are now bundled in the single OPC installer file ajax search pro, ulozenka shipping method, mailchimp and other

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Has anyone tested Virtuemart Ajax Product Search with large datasets for 10, products and above? You need JavaScript enabled to view it if needed. It was that easy to add Virtue Mart auto-complete on our website.

Essential extension Kam Pro Like davidjoly, I found vm search autocomplete easy to install auhocomplete configure. I, please, need your help on this one Worked with old VM sample data.

Virtuemart Search Autocomplete, by Jeremy Magne – Joomla Extension Directory

Have you found best VirtueMart extensions for your Joomla website? The results are then cached and the database is not used. Any ideas where virtuemart search autocomplete plugin look to figure out what is wrong or conflicting? Download here for Virtuemart 2. In joomla goto extensions, language searvh. I have posted again about that but as i can see in this comment page users only post problems. If you plugih tell us how to access to the related category id it will work for URL rewriting.


Where is the edit? I tried to do an update to VM 2. If not, which page in Virtuemart would I edit to change the look of the product page, when clicked?

Virtuemart Search Autocomplete

Customers are not necessarily aware thay can still finalize the order and instead they will start a new cart if your lucky You can now invite them to finalize the existing order, save the user some time and get closer to yo Display 12 30 60 Any vittuemart for falang? Thanks for any help!

I will check the installer, but i fixed this a long time ago. Still have a lot op problems: Seafch I said, it worked with the sample data loaded, but once we deleted those items and cleared the Joomla cache, now your search module does not do the drop down effect.

GPLv2 or later Type: Your clients have recurring orders? Click the overrides tab, Click new, in the search at the left search for “search in shop” with “value” radial button selected.


[NEW] Mar 2015 – Release of Ajax Search Pro for Virtuemart 2.0.x and Virtuemart 3.0.x

Answered all my doubts with great efficiency. Update current stock, adjust ordered values, change the low stock notification, change the availability date, enter a barcode, publish and un p Advanced inventory for Virtuemart By Jeremy Magne.

Added new “tab seagch where you can add Tab display to product details with unlimited 16M product descriptions or specifications. The script is executed asynchronously with the rest of the page the script will be executed while the page continues the parsing Improve your page loading time by allowing autocompkete loading asynchronously You will see the virtuemart search autocomplete plugin with YSlow and Google Page speed rankin Since June we do not provide standalone installer package and we rather bundle all of our extensions under single OPC subscription and single installer.

I am rebuilding the categories new using Phoca category module, but when I click in the frontend on a category I get a Error database error. Seemed to work, but now the Ajax Search no longer drops down when typed in it.